I've seen my fate painted upon your face like a portrait of ruined hope

I had it all in my hands for a moment until I crushed it to a pulp.

They say I was born bad, could see it in my mother's eyes

I spent my youth sat at the crossroads waiting for his red hand to take hold of mine.

Don't look outside, if you hear me knocking because I'm waiting there with my hammer and stocking

Damnation is what I'm praying for.

I am the hunter, you are the prey, that's just the natural way

I am the snake with the deadly sting, that's just the Natural Order of things.

Your jail cell will stay empty because the Devil's on my side

Your gallows will stay unbuilt because his red hand has a hold of mine.

Never thought I was evil inclined but the Devil's work was just so easy to find

I'll take what isn't given - innocence and more

It's never anything personal I just want what's yours.